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Pets may be brought in for boarding or picked up during the following hours:

Monday through Saturday
9:00am - 12:00 noon
and 4:00 - 6:00pm

Office hours are reserved for check-in and check-out of boarding guests and for tours.  This allows us the time needed to care for our guests thoughout the day, providing maximum attention and a consistent, stress-free schedule.  We kindly request that you respect our office hours.


$50 per day
$20 per day

2024 Rates 

We charge as do hotels:  charges are by the day.  You are charged for the day your pet arrives; if you check out before 12 noon on the pick-up day, you are not charged for that day.

We will board two pets from the same household in the same kennel run at your request; however, we prefer to board pets in separate adjacent kennels.  We are better able to monitor certain health signs, such as eating, urinating and defecating, by having pets in separate runs.  There is also a risk that pets who normally get along will have a disagreement in a kennel setting.  We normally ask if we can start the pets off in separate kennels and through careful monitoring by our staff make a determination whether the pets will board best together or separately.  It is our goal to keep all pets safe and healthy.  If pets kenneled separately exhibit signs of undue stress, the staff will put them together.  In the end, as long as the owner understands the risks of boarding multiple pets in the same kennel run, we will board the pets per the owner's wishes. 

A 10% discount is available for stays over 30 days.  Please contact the Office for details.

Optional Services

Wound care or insulin injections    
Extensive wound care may incur an additional fee.
Geriatric/ Special Care 
    Nail trim
    Anal gland expression
    Teeth brushing
Additional services upon request

$5 per day

$10 per day
Ask for quote
Ask for quote

* Please note: Sugarbush Kennels believes the benefits of off lead outside exercise are vitally important to the physical and mental health of your pet.  This valuable service gives our staff more opportunities to touch and talk to your pet, releases excess energy, gives your pet the chance to potty on a grass yard and helps acclimate your pet to our facility and to accept staff as your pet's new care-giver.  The cost of  Outside Exercise Time is included in our normal boarding fee.

Office Hours and Boarding Rates

NOTICE:   The staff at Sugarbush strongly suggests you limit your pet's social activities two weeks prior to boarding. This will include wellness visits to your veterinarian. This helps to control illnesses being inadvertantly brought into the kennel. Our goal is to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe and your help in this regard is most appreciated. 

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