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 - Designed to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for your pet
 - Immaculate, roomy kennel runs
 - Well insulated, climate controlled kennel and exercise areas
 - Emphasis on an enjoyable, stress-free boarding experience

 - Unique weather protected exercise runs
 - An extraordinary commitment to cleanliness
 - Providing for your pet's physical, emotional and social needs
 - Staff trained for maximum pet interaction
 - Offering premium pet foods and bed-time snacks

We cordially invite you to visit for a tour of our boarding facility; we enjoy showing it off!  Please call ahead for a tour appointment during Office Hours - Monday through Saturday, 9AM - Noon and 4 - 6PM.

You are always welcome to bring your pet's own food, bedding, toys and treats.  We request that you bring only an appropriately sized container of food and bedding that can be laundered in a standard washing machine.

Our Boarding Facility

1300 Applegrove St., Canton OH 44721    330-499-8090